Titleist 917D3 Driver Golf Club

SKU: 854122-kc

Elevate your game with the Titleist 917D3 Driver, designed for precision and distance on the golf course. Engineered with a traditional, Tour-inspired 440cc pear profile, this driver offers exceptional workability, allowing skilled golfers to shape their shots with ease.

The 917D3 Driver is crafted to deliver a slightly lower launch and reduced spin compared to the 917D2 model, making it ideal for players seeking more control and trajectory consistency off the tee. Its advanced design features a SureFit CG system for customizable shot shaping and a precise fit to your swing.

Experience enhanced distance and forgiveness with the 917D3's Active Recoil Channel 2.0 and Radial Speed Face, optimizing ball speed and minimizing spin for longer, straighter drives. Complete with a high-performance stock shaft and grip, the Titleist 917D3 Driver is your key to unlocking greater confidence and performance on every drive.

This item is location at Dicks Pawn on HWY 544.

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