1998 Matchless Chieftain Amplifier & Hard Rolling Case

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Includes rolling travel hardcore for easy and safe transport.

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The Chieftain is a vacuum tube no nonsense single channel amplifiers. It offers wide-range tone controls, a master volume and an effects loop. The output amplifier is a solid Class-A design employing a pair ofEL-34 vacuum tubes.

 The tone controls are essentially passive with massive amounts of gain provided by the circuitry. The power supply is also vacuum tube rectified for smooth natural compression at high volume and full richness at low volume.

Matchless designs its tone circuits to be Interactive thus enabling the user to achieve a wide variety of voicings with just a few simple controls.

The effects loop enables the signal to be interrupted between the preamplifier and the power amplifier.

This is useful for several purposes. It enables the preamplifier signal to be tapped and fed to another amplifier, or the power amplifier to be fed directly (or slaved) from an external signal source.

Effects processors may also be inserted through the effects loop and mixed with the guitar's signal.

All vacuum tubes are individually shock mounted for maximum durability.