Avatar G112 Tweed Straight Speaker Cabinet W/ Green Beret Speaker

SKU: 483542-kc-west

This item is located at Dicks Pawn West on Hwy 501

This item is previously owned.

Includes 12" 25 watt Green Beret speaker.

Tweed cabinets are ¾ pine cabinets with Finger joint construction.  We use 3/8 Baltic Birch plywood for the baffles w/ ¼ trim strips, and 1/2 for the back panels. Real linen tweed with two coats of Lacquer.

With the closed back panel, you get a very focused sound coming off of the front of the speaker cones but with a strong bass.

With the open back panel, you get plenty of mids coming off of the back of the cone and radiating out into the room.

This deluxe cab has a top strap handle and a rear metal jack plate with dual 1/4 inch jacks for daisy chaining with other cabs.