Denon DJ DN-X500 Four Channel Professional DJ Mixer

SKU: 643593-kc

The Denon DN-X500 is a versatile, cost-effective mixer catering to professional touring DJs, home DJs, and nightclub installations. With four channels, including two phono inputs and up to ten line-level inputs, it offers flexibility for any setup. Its internal routing matrix allows easy signal routing without rewiring.

Each channel boasts a three-band EQ with kill on High, Mid, and Low frequencies, ensuring high-quality sound. The 60mm VCA channel level and fader ensure smooth transitions and level stability.

The DN-X500 also features send and return to external effects processors, balanced XLR outputs, and Fader Start support for mp3 and CD players. Reliable and efficient, the Denon DN-X500 is a must-have mixer for any touring rig or nightclub DJ booth.

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