DMX Racer 4 Car Limited Edition Electric Racecar Track

SKU: 864134-kc

Dmx is an exciting, revolutionary new concept for slot car racing. With dmx slots, car racers can pass, intercept and block their competitors at any time and at any place on the track. Old fashioned slot cars are limited by one-pin and one-slot methodology. Switching lanes can only happen at pre-determined sections of the track. Such technical limitations has suppressed the development of slot car racing for almost 100 years.

The new and exciting dmx employs a unique patented rotating pin technology that allows cars to change lanes at any point on the track. This exciting new generation of slot car racing combines speed and strategy just like real professional Auto racing. Exclusive set includes: 4 different colored ir cars, 4 ir remotes, 18 total feet of track -12 pieces of straight and 12 pieces of curves.

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