DR Field and Brush Mower W/ Heavy Duty Brush Blade Included - P/U Only

SKU: 228790-kc-east

Dicks Pawn Outlet on Mr Joe White Ave


If you have larger areas to mow—or if you just want to get the job done faster—move up to our 17.5 HP PRO XL30 model. It features a 30"-wide cutting deck.

The 500cc Briggs and Stratton power plant steps you up to a Professional Series engine, so it will easily handle the extra torque load over the long haul.

Best of all, the 17.5 HP model also includes independent disc brakes on each wheel. You can feather the uphill brake on side slopes to improve the machine's tracking and traction. Plus, the brakes enable you to Power Steer the wider, heavier deck with ease!

This item includes a New in box Generac Power Systems brush blade.


Item Available for Layaway-Call 843-646-7154

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