Fender Squier Sonic Precision Bass

SKU: 637180-kc-north

With the Squier Sonic Precision Bass, iconic bass guitar tone and a reliable instrument are just a few clicks away! This full-size bass is a great pick for beginners of any age or young players who have outgrown a child-size bass.

Rightfully based on Fender’s original bass guitar, the Sonic Precision features a resonant poplar body with a slick gloss finish. Who says beginners don’t deserve a great-looking instrument? Not us!

The Sonic Precision’s maple neck and laurel fingerboard allow smooth exploration of all 20 frets, making for enjoyable practice or jam sessions as skills evolve. The Sonic Precision Bass is plenty reliable and outfitted with durable chrome hardware plus some extra touches like a synthetic bone nut.

Without getting deep in technical talk, hardware touches like these are what keep Squier basses one of the top-selling beginner instruments.

It’s a tried-and-true design further enhanced with new refinements including a vintage-inspired, modern-voiced single-coil pickup equipped with powerful ceramic magnets. It’s tough to find a better bet than a Squier Sonic Precision Bass!

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