GPI PRO20-115AD 115 Volt GPRO High-Flow Fuel Transfer Pump

SKU: 236779-kc

The GPI PRO20-115AD is a 115 Volt GPRO High-Flow Fuel Transfer Pump equipped with an automatic diesel nozzle. Designed for high efficiency, it operates at a flow rate of 20 GPM (76 LPM) with a carbon vane type and a 30-minute duty cycle. This pump features a 1" NPT inlet and outlet size, a bypass pressure of 22 psi (1.4 bar), and a discharge lift of up to 10 feet (3 meters).

The unit includes a 2" NPT bung, a lockable nozzle holder, and a 315 micron strainer mesh size. It boasts an extended duty cycle that exceeds industry standards and a thermally protected motor with a 40 amp circuit breaker for motor protection.

The weight-centering inlet base includes pressure relief and easy strainer access, and the switch and vanes are field replaceable. This pump is also vacuum breaker ready, with an auto nozzle flow rate of 18.9 GPM (with an 18' hose).

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