ION Total Ipa123 PA Supreme HighPower Bluetooth Sound System with Lights

SKU: 483998-kc-west

A wedding reception. A large business conference. The freshman science lecture hall. The Karaoke fundraiser you're putting on at the local pub. These are just some of the venues that demand a no-excuses PA system that can cover a large area with powerful, articulate sound, but is easy to setup and flexible enough to handle a wide variety of inputs and auxiliary equipment.

Here is everything you need in an all-in-one PA system: A high-powered (500-watt) bi-amplified, equalized sound system driving a robust 15-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter covers even the largest spaces with clear, vibrant sound. Plus, the woofer glows in multiple colors for exciting visuals, with a dazzling "circular motion" effect.

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