Ridgid SeeSnake Micro with Case


The SeeSnake Micro is smaller and more nimble than the Ridgid micro CA-300 Inspection Camera and is well made and feels solid in your hand. There is a hard rubber grip on the handle and the bezel around the screen is the same material. The 4 AA batteries go inside the handle and are supposed to give up to 6 hours of continuous use according to the manufacturer. On the top of the unit there is a wheel style switch that turns on the screen and camera and as you continue to turn the wheel, the dual LED lights on the camera head go from off, to dim to all the way on depending on the wheel position.

The flexible three foot long shaft is stiff, yet compliant, and will remain positioned pretty well. The connection of the shaft to the camera is also very positive, with rubber gaskets and a screw down nut to ensure everything stays dry and connected. The Ridgid SeeSnake Micro shaft is waterproof in the original configuration and remains so even with the optional 10 ft extension added. Beyond 10 feet the manufacturer does not recommend getting the unit waterlogged. The unit will support up to 30 feet of extensions.

This item is previously owned and can be purchased from our North Myrtle Beach location.