Shark Detect Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum with PowerFins Brushroll, Stick/Handheld (2-in-1)

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Meet the new Shark Detect Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum, IW1120. Its three ultra-intelligent deep-cleaning technologies detect and react to their surroundings.
These breakthrough technologies boost power on hidden dirt, increase suction on edges and corners, and optimize cleaning on different surfaces, combining to provide up to 50% better dirt pickup*. (*Based on ASTMF608, Eco vs. Boost.) DirtDetect finds the hidden dirt that hides in your home, and automatically boosts power to pull it in. EdgeDetect senses edges and corners, and doubles suction power for more powerful cleaning (vs. Eco mode).
Floor Detect reacts to different floor types around your home to optimize your vacuum’s performance on carpets and floors. The Detect Pro™ gives you full-sized* cordless power, in a 30% lighter** frame. (*vs. IZ862H.) (**Based on ASTMF608, vs IZ540H.) The PowerFins® brushroll takes on fine dust and large debris on carpets and hard floors, with no hair wrap.
The HEPA filter and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal capture and trap over 99.97%* of dust & allergens, keeping them out of the air you breathe. (*Based on ASTMF1977, down to .3 microns.) The powerful battery delivers up to 40 minutes* of runtime. (*In Eco mode, tested at the hand vac). Change the way you clean with the new Shark Detect Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum.
  • THREE DEEP-CLEANING TECHNOLOGIES: Three powerful cleaning technologies detect and react to hidden dirt, different floor types, and edges, for up to 50% better* dirt pickup. (*Based on ASTMF608, Eco vs. Boost.)
  • DIRTDETECT: Finds hidden dirt and automatically boosts power.
  • EDGEDETECT: Senses edges and corners and increases suction power for more powerful edge cleaning (vs. Eco mode).
  • FLOOR DETECT: Automatically detects different floor types and adjusts up to 2x RPM* for deep cleaning on carpets. (*Tested in Eco mode vs. Boost mode.)
  • 30% LIGHTER*, WITH THE PERFORMANCE OF A FULL-SIZED* CORDLESS: The redesigned TurboDrive motor is 30% lighter* with the power and performance of a full-sized** Shark cordless. (*vs. IZ862H.) (**Based on ASTMF608, vs. IZ540H.)
  • HEPA FILTRATION AND ANTI-ALLERGEN COMPLETE SEAL: HEPA and anti-allergen complete seal captures and traps over 99.97%* of dust & allergens. (*Based on ASTMF1977, down to .3 microns.)
  • POWERFINS BRUSHROLL: The PowerFins multi-surface brushroll gives you continuous cleaning contact to dig deep into carpets and directly engage hard floors.
  • REDESIGNED REAL-TIME LED DISPLAY: Features LED rings that illuminate when sensors detect high amounts of debris, changing colors as the area is cleaned. It also displays real-time battery levels and mode selection.