Taramps Smart 3 Class D 3000 Watt 1 to 2 Ohms Automotive Sound Systems Amplifier

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Give your car subs a boost with the Taramps Smart 3 3000 Watt 2 Ohms Amplifier. You'll be able to experience a crisp, clear sound as you jam out on every drive.

The amplifier operates at 2 ohms with 3,000 Watt RMS for maximum power. The mono amplifier features the utmost durability by being protected against short circuit at the output, high/low voltage, and thermal protection. In order to use the amplifier, you'll need at least 16 VDC of the minimum voltage supply.

This compact amp is ideally made for subwoofer, woofer, and phenolic driver applications for the best audio output. One of the coolest features about the Class D amplifier is the logo design.

Not only for the asthetics, but also functionally. The logo will light up as you're using the amplifier and indicate amplifying levels during each use. Roll those windows down, and turn up the tunes with the Taramps Smart 3 Class D Mono Amplifier.