Taylor GS Mini Sapele Acoustic Guitar - Natural

SKU: 86945 -BS

The Limited-edition GS Mini Sapele acoustic guitar blends limited-edition looks with the fierce tone of Taylor’s most beloved small-bodied acoustic. Complete with sapele back and sides and a Sitka spruce top, this GS Mini packs a punch and resonance that’s nearly twice its size! A mahogany neck packaged with Taylor’s signature neck carve and a glassy ebony fingerboard ensure smooth playability resulting in an exceptionally full sound. Guitarists at GearNuts find this acoustic's combination of sapele and spruce balanced and fit for all-purpose playing. Hearty strums, fanciful fingerpicking, punchy power chords — you name it, and the GS Mini Sapele acoustic guitar is up to the task. Grab one today and figure out why the GS Mini has become a GearNuts favorite for work and play!True hardwood character Taylor cemented its legacy by crafting innovative instruments sold at prices that

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