Vintage Bolero Piano Accordion

SKU: 864601-kc

 Step back in time with the vintage Bolero Piano Accordion, a beautiful instrument that captures the essence of musical nostalgia. Featuring its original case and bearing the serial number 18098, this accordion is a rare find for collectors and musicians alike.

The Bolero Piano Accordion is designed to deliver rich, melodic tones that resonate with warmth and clarity. Its vintage charm is evident in every detail, from the intricate craftsmanship to the classic aesthetic. The keyboard is responsive and smooth, allowing for expressive and dynamic playing.

This accordion is not just an instrument; it's a piece of musical history, perfect for those who appreciate the artistry and tradition of vintage instruments. Whether you’re performing on stage or simply enjoying a private session, the Bolero Piano Accordion promises an exceptional musical experience.

This item is located at Dicks Pawn on HWY 544.
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