How Does A Pawn Loan Work? We have to go back in time, about 3000 years ago, to find the beginning of a pawn loan. People from all over the world have faced a common problem; a need for fast cash. Dick’s Pawn Superstore makes it easy for you with two separate ways – we loan you cash and hold your asset until you pay us back, or, we will purchase your asset and give you cash right away. It is simply a fast, easy way to borrow money on the value of your valuable items. There are no credit checks, hassles, or unnecessary advice on how to spend your money.

Your assets are valuable to you, and we understand. A pawn loan allows you to keep ownership of your items. They are safe and secure in locked storage, with 24 hour surveillance until the loan is paid off. The types of assets we accept include diamonds, luxury watches, jewelry, electronics, collectibles, and sporting goods. With our lowest price guarantee, you can always be sure you are getting the most value for your items.

Each loan has an initial 30 day loan term with a 60 day grace period to pay it back. If you need more time, we can extend the loan if all interest payments are current. If the owner of the item is unable to come up with the money, or you decide to stop making payments for any reason, you always have the option to forfeit ownership of the pawned item. We do not check your credit or report to any credit agency.