Logitech for Creators Blue Sona Active Dynamic XLR Broadcast Microphone

SKU: 85485 - BS

The Blue Sona streaming microphone redefines the traditional dynamic XLR mic by combining advanced technology with a creator-first design, offering a true studio-quality streaming experience. Designed specifically for creators, this microphone features an innovative 290-degree swivel mount that provides the freedom to position the mic at virtually any angle for game streaming, podcasting, video creation, and more.

With a focus on capturing your voice with clarity and precision, the Blue Sona microphone is equipped with an advanced dual-diaphragm dynamic capsule that delivers smooth low end and superb detail while effectively rejecting unwanted noise and hum.

Additionally, the microphone includes a ClearAmp active preamp inside, featuring built-in ClearAmp technology that delivers a robust, +25dB additional gain for exceptional audio sound quality without the need for an external mic booster. Experience professional-grade audio performance and versatility with the Blue Sona streaming microphone, designed to enhance your content creation and streaming endeavors.

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