Novation Bass Station II Synthesizer

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The Novation Bass Station II is a fixture in synth-based music, a power-packed digitally controlled analog mono synth that growls and howls and is eminently tweakable — especially given its compact design! When synthesists at Sweetwater are searching for subterranean low end, the Novation Bass Station II is a first choice due to its ultra-fat suboscillator and overdrive-equipped filter section.

But the Bass Station II has always been more than what its name implies — it’s capable of producing scorching lead sounds and mesmerizing sonic textures. And, Novation has taken the Bass Station II even further, collaborating with Aphex Twin to develop the groundbreaking AFX mode, which is available through a free firmware update. By allowing users to assign a unique patch to every key, AFX Mode explodes the Bass Station II’s sound design capabilities, transforming it into a powerful drum module, chord organ, and much more.

Along with its sequencer and arpeggiator, the Bass Station II is a perfect platform for generative music making and endless sonic exploration!

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