Vacmaster VWMB508 0101 5 Gallon Wall-Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum

SKU: 487516-kc

The Vacmaster VWMB508 0101 5 Gallon Wall-Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum offers unbeatable performance and convenience for your cleaning needs. Its 5-gallon rugged tank is wall-mountable, saving valuable floor space while providing powerful suction for both wet and dry messes.

Equipped with an ultra-quiet 2-stage motor and built-in air and noise diffuser, this vacuum delivers powerful suction without disturbing the peace. Its 41-foot cleaning reach, including hoses and power cords measuring 20 feet long, ensures easy access to hard-to-reach areas, while built-in cord storage keeps everything tidy.

With the ability to convert to a blower for outdoor chores and a quick-release lever for portable use, the Vacmaster VWMB508 0101 is the ultimate multi-purpose cleaning solution for your home, garage, or shop.

This item is located at Dicks Pawn West on Hwy 501.

This item is previously owned and includes hose and accessories.